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ACH Analytics

What challenge is your Financial Institution facing?


  • Limit Tracking
  • Return Rate Tracking by Both NACHA Methods
  • Third Party Transaction Monitoring
  • NACHA Rules Compliance
  • Originator Review
  • Automatic Report Generation and Distribution
  • “Volume Metrics” by Industry Class Code


  • Real Time Anomaly Detection
  • Duplicate File Check
  • OFAC Check
  • Risk Exposure Monitoring
  • Keyword Detection
  • Out-of-Calendar Pattern Detection


  • Create, Verify & Correct ACH Format Errors including IAT
  • File Creation in Disaster Recovery Scenarios
  • NACHA File Format Verification
  • Transaction Research
  • Advanced File Operations – Format Conversion, Splitting & Merging
  • Add Custom Rules
  • Create Returns and Reversals

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