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Laru Solution Tips

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Our product development and support team want you to know about some of the many tips and features Laru’s products offer that many user’s just don’t know enough about to use them effectively. Take the following tips from Mitch with Laru to improve your product use.

ACH Clarity
ACH Clarity has a powerful grouping feature that is used to produce valuable information on origination and return activity. With Clarity you can generate board and audit reports that illustrate the payments complexity and convergence of risk.
When you produce informative data such as this, you can Increase transparency in your electronic payments department with the following:
• Understand the data and dig beneath the surface for key perspectives
• Offer strategic insights that improve business performance
– Add insight through emphasis
– Link similar findings year after year and align with recommendations
– Provide clarification without excessive detail
• Provide a key perspective that focuses on the risks that matter
• Consistency thru automation of report generation

Improved reporting to show
• Exposure Level by Risk Grade
• Concentration of Risk by Industry
• Third Party Payment Processing
• Origination Volume by Segment
• Volume Trending by SEC
• Return Rate Monitoring

Laru Technologies can help you configure originator categories and deliver reports to the Board of Directors to:
• Identify potential opportunities for improvements
• Identify issues/ non-conformities
• Make informed decisions