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  • 3 Product Suite

    Review how you can have complete ACH Risk Management with Laru Technologies Solutions.

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  • Clarity ACH

    Get the analytics you need, Clarity focuses on NACHA rule violations, unauthorized returns, transaction trends, originator behavior, third party payment processors and much more.

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  • Vision ACH

    Stop ACH risk and rule violations in real-time.

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  • Vision WIRES

    Automatically hold high-risk transactions by analyzing every new wire transaction from the originator and compares the details of the transaction with all past historical transfers from that originator.

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  • FileFox

    A comprehensive ACH utility available for Financial Institutions in three different versions [Professional, Editor, and Viewer] depending on the FI’s needs. Each with features that can be used by originators, ODFIs and RDFIs to view and edit NACHA-formatted files.

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