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What Customer's Are Saying?

  • Paul Quinlan
    Operations Officer
    Tompkins Bank

    “Tompkins Bank (Tompkins Financial) considers it critical to understand the transaction-level behavior of our originators. Once these patterns are understood, we establish rules to catch anomalies from those patterns.

    Not only does this methodology help us with our risk containment objectives, it also identifies marketing and revenue opportunities. We use and recommend Laru’s ACH Clarity to analyze behavior of originators and ACH Vision to trap anomalous transactions. ”

  • Todd Lovaas
    Vice President
    North American Banking Company

    “ACH origination volume has tripled in the last two years.  Growth that fast only prudent with the ability to analyze and monitor activity at the institution, processor, originator, and receiver levels interactively.

    Laru products provide the flexibility needed to answer questions we didn’t know we had with our old array of stand-alone systems designed for smaller volumes, and in-house spreadsheets.

    One of the greatest features of the Laru software is its flexibility.  As new challenges and opportunities arise, we find we can adapt reporting and analysis on the fly without compromising other functions.

    Filefox is used every day in our bank.  We continually find new uses for this deceptively simple yet powerful utility. FileFox pays for itself quickly, and often.

  • Patti Greenup
    Vice President, Retail Operations
    Fremont Bank

    “We use Laru’s ACH Clarity software to help us with NACHA rule compliance as well as Operational, Board and Audit reporting. This process automation has not only eliminated several manual steps previously required, but added consistency and accuracy to our analytical and reporting capabilities.

    Several reports are used across the Treasury management functions when originator behavior is assessed periodically. Laru’s ACH Vision product assists us with anomaly detection at the transaction level as recommended by the FFIEC.

    We highly recommend Laru’s Business Intelligence driven ACH Clarity and Vision products for risk management.”