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Analytics on Demand:

  • Man-In-The-Browser and Corporate Account Takeover Attacks
  • Meet Reporting Needs of Board Directors, Risk/Compliance Officers & Operations
  • Define, Schedule and Distribute Reports
  • Aggregate, Segregate or Isolate ACH Originators
  • Identify NACHA Rules to Violation Forensics
  • Manage Unauthorized and Administrative Returns
  • Use Historical Volume to Establish Effective Limits
  • Identify Top Originators from Multiple Perspectives
  • Unique Third Party – Sub-originator Activity Tracking

Parameter Based Analysis and Reporting

ACH Clarity is a comprehensive risk monitoring system that alerts you to governance, risk and compliance issues through user friendly report generation, scheduling and distribution. Clarity reports focus on NACHA rule violations, unauthorized returns, transaction trends, originator behavior, third party payment processors and much more.

  • Turnkey system monitors both ODFI and RDFI traffic for all SEC codes – including IAT
  • Multi-day limits alert you to a typical origination activity
  • Reconciliation of returns to original items provides insight into potential fraud events by highlighting origination days or files with high return rates
  • Possible ACH rule violations are flagged automatically – both ODFI and RDFI – alerting you to possible “bad actors” present in your ACH data
  • Volume reports let you slice your ACH data by Date, SEC code, Originator and more.Volume reports let you slice your ACH data by Date, SEC code, Originator and more

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ACH originations can generate significant revenue and profits for a FI; however managing originators requires balancing of risk and reward. ACH Clarity ODFI provides the necessary transparency into ACH transactions for profit maximization on the one hand while protecting institutional capital and making risk manageable on the other.

ACH Clarity ODFI is especially helpful to ACH departments that are required to report monthly and quarterly activity levels to management and board of directors. Reports can be scheduled and delivered automatically by combination of parameters including SEC code, originator, date, file, trends as an example.

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