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Block files with these issues:

  • Man-In-The-Browser and Corporate Account Takeover Attacks
  • SEC Code Prohibitions and Limits
  • Duplicate File and Batch Detection
  • Unscheduled File Detection Based on Calendaring Rules
  • Unfunded Returns Risk Exposure
  • Disallowed Keywords
  • Phishing Detection
  • Non-compliance with ACH Network Rules

Manage Transactions in Real-Time

ACH Vision is a complete risk and fraud prevention system for originators of ACH transactions. Vision quarantines out-of-pattern transactions, whether these are the result of deliberate wrongdoing or innocent mistakes. In either case your organization and your customers are protected from costly delays, errors, omissions and outright losses.

ACH Vision serves as the gatekeeper to the FI’s core processor and hence, risk. It looks out for – Account Takeover Attacks, SEC Code Prohibitions and Limits, Duplicate File and Batch detection, Unfunded Returns Risk exposure, Phishing, and More.

  • Real Time Anomaly Detection
  • FFIEC Compliance
  • OFAC Check
  • Out of Band

Vision has a tool chest of 50 plus monitoring rules. Once these rules are configured Vision will put a hold on any file that violates them and prompt the FI for next steps.  This filtering process draws attention to risky transactions, thus preempting the need to examine every transaction and file.

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