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WIRE Vision

Discover Anomalies with Vision Wire:

  • Unknown Beneficiary
  • Transaction Value Limits
  • Transaction Funding
  • Disallowed Keywords
  • Transaction Velocity Limits
  • Transaction Calendar
Adding Analytics to Wire Transfers

Wire Vision is a complete risk and fraud prevention system for originators of Wire transactions. Vision quarantines out-of-pattern transactions, whether these are the result of deliberate wrongdoing or innocent mistakes. In either case your organization and your customers are protected from costly delays, errors, omissions and outright losses.

Manual controls have long been the staple of Wire Transfer risk management controls. Unfortunately, these methods are error prone, expensive to maintain and rarely applied consistently across all accounts initiating wire transfer requests. Vision Wire augments this process by introducing transaction histories and rules based analytics to minimize the number of transactions that require a secondary review.  Alerts generated through this process are likely to identify suspicious transactions that carry a higher loss probability.

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