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The experienced staff at Laru Tech work closely with our Corporate customers, from the largest to the smallest of banks and credit unions. This fruitful partnership has given us a perspective on the unique needs of FIs nationwide. We can provide creative ways to use Laru Tech products to solve problems such as –

  • Use of NACHA’s Mandated Return Rate Methodology
  • Determining & Identifying Third-Party Payment Processor Activity
  • Limit Suggestions Based on Actual Activity and Usage
  • Custom Board Reports
  • Use of White & Black Lists to Streamline Processing
  • Use of Reports for Various Audiences such as Operations, Risk & Compliance, Marketing, Board Members

Our Bank Services Include:

  • Anomaly Detection Automation
  • Report Packages for
    • Board Reporting
    • Operations
    • Originator Review
    • Audit Compliance
    • Automated Email Report Delivery
    • Process Consulting
    • Automation Tools

For Corporations

Laru Tech has the tools and expertise to assist corporations in the creation, editing and validation of electronic payment transactions.

  • NACHA file creation with CSV file conversion templates
  • Process Consulting
  • Automation Tools